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Start speaking dutch with our proven methods of learning dutch

Are you looking to learn some Dutch? Learning dutch grammar can be a real pain in the ass, but don’t fret poor souls! With our teaching methods you will be speaking proper dutch in no time, even when it comes to the cryptic and often nonsensical grammar structure which is so characteristic for the Dutch language. You have come to the right place because we will teach you Dutch so hard you will be extruding Cheese for the next couple of months. Learning Dutch, including grammar can be difficult but we are a hundred percent sure that with our native Dutch speaking teachers and their teaching methods, this should not be a problem for you. Within a short time span you will be most knowledgeable in Dutch expression, conversation, grammar and sentence sequencing.

Dutch grammar is not so much a system as it is intuitive 

Dutch grammar is often based on the exception rule and most Dutch people are kind of just winging it. There is no denial that Dutch grammar is very a-systematic and therefore can seem like a wild, inconsistent puzzle to non native speakers. The only way to really master this is through interaction, conversation and immersion. Through our teachers and teaching groups you will be able to practice Dutch on a daily basis and practice your skill and ‘intuition’. Within moments you will be able to speak Dutch and learning Dutch has never been so easy, even the grammar. 

Learning Dutch is fun and the culture of the Netherlands is deep and amazing 

Not only will you be learning about the Dutch language and culture and grammar. We will also be teaching you about idioms, expressions and cultural nuances which will make your Dutch even more convincing. Dutch people can be very persuasive, so you should be as well! Learning Dutch grammar from Dutch people is the only way


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